TrainRED is the most efficient hour of your day.

Our Mission

There are no two bodies alike and therefore what works for your body may not work for someone else's. That is why we created trainRED. Our goal is to provide heart rate based training specifically designed for you and your body. We are redefining healthy living through retraining the way that you think and integrate exercise and nutrition in your daily life. RETRAIN the way that your body responds and adapts to stress. EQUIP your body with the proper tools by engaging in exercises that are right for you. Let us DEVELOP a plan that works for you!

Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.
— Unknown

Meet The Founder of TrainRED

 Heather is a Certified Personal Trainer in the Franklin area. She has always been active and had a love for health and nutrition. In 2010, she went through a pretty traumatic life change which left her body in a constant state of pain. After several trips to the ER, she was told that she would never be able to run again and would need a hip replacement by the time she was 40. Thus began the journey to “TrainRED". Heather began to research the healing powers of proper nutrition and exercise. 

"I have tried every fad diet, every workout routine and what I have found is common sense. There is no cookie cutter recipe to getting healthy. We are all different, yes we have similarities but my body’s response to stress is going to be different than your body’s response. That’s the key. That is why TrainRED was created." 

It’s about RETRAINING the way that you respond to stress. It’s about EQUIPPING you with the tools to make healthy life choices for your body and DEVELOPING the habits and muscle memory to maintain the best you!

"This is a process not a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle change. I am not going to say that it won’t be challenging because it will. You will feel outside your comfort zone at times. You will feel stretched but I promise it will all be worth it. I promise that if you stick with it you will experience a whole new you."